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From the creative minds at Studio Strada…

“Chasing Fire”

An enigmatic, hotshot police detective reluctantly joins forces with a disgraced journalist to hunt down a deranged serial killer, only to be drawn into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse through Hong Kong’s nocturnal underbelly.


“Off Shore”

A young couple, sailing a once beautiful 45-foot yacht from New Zealand to its new owner in China, discover a horrifying evil aboard the craft that threatens their very lives.



A down-on-his-luck ex-hockey player searches for the missing fiancée of his best friend with unexpected and dangerous results.  A blazing actioner set amidst the neon streets of Hong Kong.


“Uncommon Honour”

Shortly before the handover of Hong Kong to China, a group of Gurkhas, renowned for their loyalty, is accused of blackmailing the Government. Their Team Leader joins forces with a Police Inspector to uncover the truth and to save the Hong Kong people from catastrophic jeopardy.


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