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Lost for Words

Amid Hong Kong’s sweeping cityscape, a newly arrived former US Marine falls in love with a young dancer from Mainland China.  Against mounting cultural and religious pressure, the two star-crossed lovers risk it all in pursuit of true love.

– Starring Sean Faris and Grace Huang.   Status: Completed.


Four Assassins(a.k.a. “Far Away Eyes”)

What happens when four professional hitmen meet in a hotel suite to resolve unfinished business? A tense drama set in the cosmopolitan world of Hong Kong.

– Starring Will Yun Lee and Miguel Ferrer.   Status: Completed.



An amnesiac has 24 hours to deliver a deadly package in order to regain his identity.

– In pre-production.


“Eclipse of the Heart”

Love kills in this haunting romance when a young woman reflects on her indecision to choose between two men. Gillies MacKinnon directing.

– In pre-production.


“FAST Company”

Professional bodyguards Kent Sima and Malcolm Quinn escort a mysterious young woman to a secluded retreat, only to confront an ancient evil that lies in wait.

– In pre-production.


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