Studio Strada

Stanley J. Orzel


Enamored by the moving image at a young age, STANLEY J. ORZEL pursues this passion as a Writer/Director of feature films, TV commercials and documentaries.

Orzel’s inventive filmmaking style imbues all his work; resulting in numerous awards and accolades.  His recent Hong Kong actioner “Far Away Eyes” (a.k.a. “Four Assassins”), won ‘Best Foreign Film’ at the 2011 Action On Film International Film Festival.  Orzel’s latest directorial outing, the star-crossed romance “Lost for Words  愛。真。承” garnered the ‘Special Jury Award – Best Theatrical Feature’ at the 46th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

Working frequently as a Creative Advisor, Orzel has been instrumental in the creation of numerous international motion pictures.  From story development and script doctoring to creative post-production guidance, he assists producers and directors in discovering potent and original ways to realize their stories.  This includes such films as “Hero”, “Zhou Yu’s Train”, “Fearless” and “Windstruck”.

A graduate of the prestigious S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Orzel’s passion for ideas and their successful expression propels him through a career that spans the globe.  Currently bi-continental between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, Orzel has lived and worked in Asia for more than 15 years.

Co-founder of Studio Strada, he continues crafting imaginative films and screenplays and enjoys creative consulting and freelance work across various media.

All the while, Orzel supports Pluto as a planet and chocolate as a food group.


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